• Rahinge Wakepark Rahinge küla, Tartu linn


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Welcome to Lake Rahinge!

Beach and ball courts are waiting for you to spend a warm summer day. Organize or take part in some events in our big dome. One of a kind wakepark offers activities for all water sports lovers.

In addition you can buy snacks, rent a SUP, canoe, kajak or rowboat. Look how one of the best wakeboard riders in the country train. Use the miniramp or trampoline.

Waterramp closed for renovation.

It is allso a good place for organization event, birthday party, camp, bachelor party aso.

Opening hours in May:

Mon and Thu 17-19

Tue,Wed,Fri 17-20

Sat,Sun 14-20

Contact us for any questions.

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See you in Rahinge!