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This is a best way to master your tricks for winter. It helps also to prolong you riding season. A special material enables you to slide and even slitely to curv with your snowboard or skis. Ofcourse it is not exactly the snow. But definately you will get your feeling. Good developement in mastering your tricks for winter is garanteed.

You can choose between a 2,5 m or 3,5 m ramps. The dry slope is 15 m long. You can chose between two startingpoints. Water in the landing area is 4,5 m deep. Allways estimate your skills before jumping.

Beginner.  First try the sliding abilities of the dry slope material by sliding down from the middle of the hill. Do not hesitate to ask the staff for instructions.

Tips. For better sliding wax your ski or snowboard bottom with candel. If yo have your own skis with you fix them with rope to your boots. This will prevent them sinking in case bindings will open. Allways wear helmet and life jacket. Gloves are recomended.